The Church By The Sea
There is a demolition application, to tear down the St. Philip's 1894 Heritage Church, before the PCSP council now; which will be voted on probably in January: the two public PCSP January council meetings will be January 13th and 27th 2015.

To save the church!
Email, write and/or phone the Portugal Cove - St. Philip's Town Council NOW!

Portugal Cove - St. Philip's Town Council

1119 Thorburn Road, PCSP, NL A1M 1T6

Mayor Moses Tucker -
Deputy Mayor Gavin Will -
Councillor Johnny Hanlon -
Councillor Dave Bartlett -
Councillor Joe Butler -
Councillor Norm Collins -
Councillor Aaron Facey -

Bishop Geoff Peddle -
19 King's Bridge Road, St. John's, A1C 3K4

About Us
The Volunteer Group of the Year Award, presented to The CBTS Inc. at the PCSP Volunteer Appreciation Social, April 18 2012
The Volunteer Recognition Award, presented to The CBTS Inc. at the PCSP Volunteer Appreciation Social, April 27 2011
Seated, left to right Amy Jones; William Lamswood; Cyril Morgan. Standing Steve Sharpe; Majella Sharpe; Winston Fiander; Maria Squires; Jim Squires

The Church By The Sea Inc. Heritage Group is a volunteer non-profit registered charity, which began as a committee in 2008, incorporated as a non-profit organization and established as a CRA charity in 2010. The CBTS Inc.'s board members serve on a volunteer basis without remuneration.

We are dedicated to preserving and restoring the historic St. Philip's 1894 Church, which is a designated Municipal Heritage building in the Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip's. Our mission is to see this building preserved as a heritage landmark and become a vibrant part of the community.

Our Goals

1. SAVE Our Steeple: reattach the toppled steeple to the church tower.

2. PRESERVE the St. Philip's Heritage Church building to its 1894 memory, glory, and dignity.

3. USE this historic building, as:

  • a Parish, Town, or Provincial church architecture museum;
  • a chapel, under the guidance of the St. Philip's Parish;
  • an education model and tool for schools and the community;
  • any other uses that are deemed acceptable by the Parish and the community, to bring income for operation and maintenance.

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The church by the sea, St. Philip's, Newfoundland The church's gothic style steeple - cut down in 2010 A sense of history The church interior From the historical archives A moment in time
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